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MOTSAY AND LAY was founded in 1983 as a result of a long-time friendship and the desire to provide quality legal services.  Jim and Mike were classmates both in college and in law school.  When the opportunity arose for them to work together, they joined forces.  Jim Motsay came from a solo practice he started in 1981 and after having served as a prosecutor in the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office. Mike Lay began his legal career as an associate with a statewide large law firm offering a general practice of law in both criminal and civil cases. Together their common bonds forged the law firm of MOTSAY AND LAY.

Since 1983, they have offered legal services to a wide array of clients- individuals, partnerships and corporations. The practice has been built one client at a time. Entire generations of families have been the beneficiaries of their work.  The firm has continued to grow through word of mouth among their many clients.  A referral let’s them know that they have been successful in representing their clients. Motsay and Lay has grown primarily because of satisfied clients and their many referrals of family, friends and co-workers. 

The firm’s philosophy is "we are here for your every legal need.”   Motsay and Lay’s goal is to be responsive to each client’s needs.  Legal services are offered in the areas of:

collections divorce personal injury trusts
contracts estates real estate wills
criminal family law traffic worker’s compensation

in addition to other areas of the law. 

Their extensive practice includes trial/litigation, mediation, arbitration and document preparation.  Additionally, Mike and Jim have received training in collaborative law.  What this brings to the clients is a more complete set of choices on how to proceed in their legal matters.  Motsay and Lay is equipped to serve a family’s full legal needs. 


We are very excited about the newest area of our practice – collaborative law.  We look to this growing field of dispute resolution to enhance the client’s legal experience.  We have found collaborative law is a more cost effective and efficient way of resolving legal matters when compared to the traditional way – LITIGATION.  The client has more control of the outcome of their case than in a trial, mediation, or arbitration.  Jim and Mike were trained in collaborative practice in Dallas Texas, and are members of both the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals and Maryland Collaborative Law Practice, Inc.  Motsay and Lay is one of the few law firms practicing collaboratively and are ready to assist our clients, their friends, families and co-workers in collaborative law.  For more complete information, click onto our link “collaborative law” above.

We are proud to announce that Jim Motsay has recently completed negotiation training at Harvard Law School in the Program of Instruction for Lawyers/Program on Negotiation.  This is a very prestigious honor and strengthens our commitment to our client to provide the best possible legal services.   As a Harvard Trained Negotiator, Jim is part of an elite group of attorneys across the country that carries this distinction.

We wish to congratulate James W. Motsay on his election as a member of the Board of Directors for the Maryland Collaborative Practice Council (MCPC) and his election as secretary to the Board. Maryland Collaborative Practice Council is a statewide organization established to act as the umbrella group for Collaborative Law in the State of Maryland. MCPC will promote cooperation among practice groups, coordination of training, publicity and publication of collaborative law in Maryland. Mr. Motsay will also serve as Chairman of the Statewide Networking committee.

Jim will continue to serve on the Board of Directors of the Maryland Collaborative Law Association, Inc.





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